brandon kurt andy

december 23, 1977

ever at work, always on the phone, kurt coburn calls the shots.
kurt coburn signs the checks.
kurt coburn is MR. PAGES. he is the fire in the belly, the engine that makes it go, the reason it exists. a singer, a songwriter, the bassist and a born leader. aside from that, kurt's interests include tennis and golf, a hole-in-one to his credit. he enjoys cooking and meal times and making time for his lovely wife, april. he's a devoted pet-owner, never too busy to throw a ball, and a great friend, never too tired to take a call. he drinks mexican beer, medium and full-bodied red wines,and has of late acquired a taste for low-end, single-malt scotch. he's marvelously funny, a world-class impersonator, and has, as well, invented many of his own comedic personas. indeed, he is as clever and quick-witted as he is good looking and furthermore, the lifeblood of this band.

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