august 22, 1977

andy mcwilliams is the workhorse of the scattered pages.
his load includes, but is not limited to, sound engineering, drumming, mixing, guitar and strings, carpentry, equipment repair, painting and studio upkeep. he builds guitar pedals and amplifiers and is an excellent draftsman and electrician. in spite of his inexhaustible workload, he manages to find time for himself. with a bourbon at his side, he spends countless hours, in the attic, experimenting with guitar loops and sound textures. and while music is his passion, it is not his only interest. he's a great admirer of the impressionists and the american modernist painters and has a watercolor technique and style unto its own. he's a good son, selflessly devoted to his family. and has inherited from his father an infallible eye for photography. suffice it to say, if it can be done, andy can do it, and if he cannot do it, then it doesn't need doin'.

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