Monday, June 19, 2006 -

Just gearing up for the release of LAZY ARE THE SKELETONS. more to come...

Monday, June 05, 2006 -

GREETINGS!!! and thanks for visiting our humble website. Here's what's new. We played a great show last Friday with Spain Coloured Orange who are off to San Francisco to play with one of our sister bands, Scrabbel. If you are in the neighbor hood, check it out. If you are in our neighborhood, take a chill pill, we aren't going on-stage for a couple weeks. We're tied up at the studio and office. Andy has mixed the new album and has, of recent, accepted the mastering responsiblities, as well. That's our Andy, always at task. Brandon, that's me, is putting the finishing touches on the album art.... not really, it's all done. I just wanted to sound busy. I'm actually having a coke. Kurt's out of town and on business. He'll be back on Thursday. Once, the records is done (next week), we're gonna take a close look at the new (old) van that we just acquired. If it runs, we might consider playing out-of-town. If it doesn't run, we might consider fixing it.

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